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Let My People Go
(a) Clean room
(b) Do homework
(c) Update website
(d) Find Trent Reznor poster
(e) Buy microphones
(f) Finish East of Eden
(g) Practice piano
(h) Buy/search for violin
(i) Get a job
(j) Go to doctor about suspicious looking, possibly malignant mole
Thursday. 3.16.06 11:28 pm
God damn tonight is one sucky boring ass night. No school tomorrow...

You know it's weird. After someone has been over my house and leaves I feel overwhelming loneliness - something I wouldn't have felt if they were not here at all. I've always had that since as far as I can remember. Is this a form of depression or some other type of psycho-disease thing. Fuck I don't care about psychology anymore. I used to be interested in it, not just because my own mind bewildered me but other people's actions interested me. Fuck minds. Although minds can be the most liberating things ever, they can also be the most stifling and constraining son of a bitches ever. God damn the god damned mind.

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Thursday. 12.29.05 6:16 pm
What the fruck... Ahahaha. Okay. Brokeback Mountain is such a good movie and I think I need to buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD. Considering that I only technically own 4 DVD's, that must mean something.

My life is weird. Menono. I don't have that much to say...Uh, concerts have been most fun. Let's see I went to Nine Inch Nails finally. God that was amazing. Although I almost died for reasons of dehydration, exhaustion, and near-stampedment of drunk moshers, it was truly a night to remember. Although Stones of the queen age, or whatever they are called, sucked and it was atrocious having to stand through them. But yeah, um I did get Trent's water bottle that he threw off stage, uh huh uh huh and the guitarist threw his whole guitar off stage and it almost hit me and these guys next to me and I touched the strap when I was trying to take the guitar. The two guys fighting for it eventually broke it in half. I didn't get a piece of the action.

Then came Not So Silent Night. I got sick during the middle of it cuz they wouldn't allow water bottles in and I got dehydrated considering we stood for 5 hours through 6 bands only 2 and a half which I enjoyed. Coheed and Cambria sucked. I liked Hot Hot Heat the best of them all. They were so good and they played stuff of their old album which I was obsessed with freshman year. It brought back memories. Sigh.

No more concerts coming up. I'm bored.

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Monday. 8.29.05 11:41 pm
Hi guys. Um, not much has happened. Wait yeah actually a lot has happened. I'm at my new school now. The schedule takes a lot getting used to, I still can't really figure it out. It's...retarded to say the least. Anyway, yeah. It's kind of weird, I never thought I would actually transfer, and now that I have I'm wondering if it was the right choice or not. I hope this doesn't effect my chances of getting into Berkeley because if it does I'll hate myself forever. I'm not sure if all these AP classes was a good choice either. I got a C- on the first history test. And if you get below a 70% you're kicked out of class. So....I basically got the bare minimum you need to stay in class. Well for right now it is. Then I got like a B or something on my English test...which I don't really care that much about. Calculus is something else. It turns out at the school, their pre-calculus deals with limits. But...at my old school when I took pre-cal we ...never did limits. So...the first chapter was hard for me. But then since I luckily have like three other Calculus and Pre-calculus text books (thank you discarded books at Mills' library) I read them and I understood it. I'm hella good at self-teaching. Anyway, my teachers seem okay. Mr. Sansoe is really like intimidating, but I'm not really intimidating, he's kind of like a male version of Ms. Grier (for any of you who went to SG). He's only intimidating if you're one of those really quiet/nervousy students. But yeah he swears a lot. That's kind of weird. I'm taking acting which kind of blows cuz I'm the only junior in the class since it's a sophomore class. But there's some guy from Guam who just transferred and he's kinda hot, but um yeah. Acting is fun I guess, you get to act like a jackass in front of everyone. There's this one guy who hella reminds me of Vincent. It's weird he acts like him, talks like him, dresses like him, etc. I kinda feel like I should start liking him. But he is NOT Vincent, I have to keep reminding myself that. Yeah...

Nine Inch Nails next month. I can not fucking wait. I think I'm either going to get killed in the mosh pit or have a heart attack from too much excitement. Both are very plausible. I mean, if there was even a pit at the White Stripes who knows what can happen in an arena show with Nine Inch Nails. Oh yeah, I went to the White Stripes in Berkeley. That was fucking awesome. I almost got Meg's drumstick but I crashed into some guy who got it and I injured my rib. But yeah that was fucking awesome. Oh yeah I got into an altercation with some guy before the show. I don't really want to go into that. But there was a lot of yelling and swearing and finger-pointing by me. That was kind of scary cuz I thought he'd like seriously kill me in the mosh pit. But luckily he disappeared during the show. Damn right. Yeah...I'm too excited about Nine Inch Nails. I think I'm gonna pee my pants before the show. That's probably gonna happen.

Yeah, I wrote like four songs on the piano. Well, they're not really "songs". They're basically just...notes played over and over. But, they're mine so don't fuckin steal them. I'm hella gonna write songs to them. And I'm gonna preform them with my one-woman band. Yeah what!

Praying sucks.

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Sunday. 7.31.05 12:14 pm
I have RLS.

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Saturday. 7.30.05 3:45 pm

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Monday. 7.25.05 9:12 pm
i want to die

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